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El Buho Circular 1st Edition: Agave Angustifolia, Maguey Espadin

Making Consistent Batches

Welcome to the first edition of the El Buho Circular. In this forum, we focus on portfolio offerings of mezcal and key developments for our brand. Most importantly this publication provides transparency of our process. It shows our commitment to sustainability. And most importantly it shows our passion for flavors. We will provoke your curiosity about mezcal. When that happens, please reach out to us with questions or comments!

El Buho has a focus on our flagship mezcal made from Maguey Espadin. It is a traditional, artesanal mezcal produced in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. All of the Agave Angustifolia is sourced within a 50 mile radius of the Don Isaac Distillery. The distillery is family owned and is the exclusive source for El Buho Mezcal.

Agave Source Map

El Buho committed to storing mezcal in stainless steel tanks in 2010. For Espadin, we have three 5,000-liter tanks that we use to rest the mezcal. It takes one month to fill each tank. After the tanks are full, we rest our mezcal for an additional three to six months. This gives the mezcal a better flavor profile. El Buho Mezcal Espadin delivers a consistent product in 5,000 liter batches. You can keep track using our labeling system.

Labeling System

Make sure to look for the “Lot” number on the side of your bottle. It denotes which batch and tank it came from. For example, Lot 32/01B means that is the 32nd production was in the second tank. 

Watch for the second issue of the El Buho Circular on Agave Karwinskii, and make sure to drop us a line on your favorite Lot, travel plans to Oaxaca or any questions you might have for us.

El Buho Circular 2nd Edition

Cuishe 2017 47% ABV

Welcome to the 2nd Edition. We are proud to release a lot of Cuishe! This is one of many mezcales that Don Isaac Distillery produces. We are proud to feature it in Espita Mezcaleria in Washington D.C.  El Buho’s first varietal was Cuishe Lot 01 (Agave Karwinskii) from Santa Maria Zoquitlan, Oaxaca. It was distilled twice and had a total of 1,205 liters produced in September 2016. 

Espita featured this as their “house mezcal” in honor of traditional Oaxacan restaurants. Many restaurants now serve modern cocktails like the mezcal negroni, mezcal margarita, mezcal old fashioned. Most common is the Mexican Independence Day favorite – neat.